Join us in this 8-week challenge to create better habits, get stronger, get healthier, become more grounded, up your "wellness," stay motivated and embark on a path to a STRONGER YOU--mentally and physically. This is not a typical "transformation" challenge, because it takes much longer than 8 weeks to "transform." This isn't a challenge about restricting food and working out endless hours a day. This isn't a challenge about how much fat you lost or what your body looks like at the start vs. the end. This is a challenge where you learn HOW to live a sustainable lifestyle that you enjoy. It's a challenge to educate you on the aspects of health, nutrition, and, most importantly, mental well-being, and will motivate you with fun mini-goals and challenges throughout. It's a challenge to make you FEEL BETTER, clear your mind, and, in turn, WANT to continue this way after it's over. This is a challenge that focuses on what you'll GAIN rather than LOSE. Here's what's included: - Receive weekly workout schedules (for both at home and the gym) - Participate in mini-challenges (strength, nutrition, and mental well-being based) throughout, with prizes - Learn how to calculate your macros - Nutritional guidance - Recipes - Community support - Meditations - Special guest hosts sharing their expertise in strength, nutrition or mindset. - LIVE workshops or tutorials from guest hosts - LIVE meditations - LIVE classes

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