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Join us in this 8-week online challenge to create better habits, get stronger, get healthier, become more grounded, up your "wellness," stay motivated and embark on a path to a STRONGER YOU--mentally and physically. 


This is not a typical "transformation" challenge, because it takes much longer than 8 weeks to "transform." This isn't a challenge about restricting food and working out endless hours a day. This isn't a challenge about how much fat you lost or what your body looks like at the start vs. the end.


This is a challenge where you learn HOW to live a sustainable lifestyle that you enjoy. It's a challenge to educate you on the aspects of health, nutrition, and, most importantly, mental well-being, and will motivate you with fun mini-goals and challenges throughout. It's a challenge to make you FEEL BETTER, clear your mind, and, in turn, WANT to continue this way after it's over.


This is a challenge that focuses on what you'll GAIN rather than LOSE.


Here's what's included:

- Weekly workout schedules (for both at home and the gym)

- Participation in mini-challenges (strength, nutrition, and mental well-being based) throughout, with prizes

- Learn how to calculate your macros

- Nutritional guidance

- Recipes

- Community support, private FB group

- Meditations

- Special guest hosts sharing their expertise in strength, nutrition or mindset.

- LIVE workshops or video tutorials from guest hosts

All this for only $75. Sign up now to grab your spot! 

Once you sign up, you'll be able to access the challenge from this website and your daily calendar of events will appear, starting the Sunday night before it starts (October 25th).

As an added bonus to anyone who signs up, you'll receive 25% off any e-book in my shop (if you prefer using one of those workout programs during this challenge instead of what you'll receive in the challenge.)