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An 8-week ACCOUNTABILITY program.

- Weekly goal lists

- Weekly check-ins.

- Workout plan provided (home or gym)

- Nutritional Guidance

- Resources + Coaching to keep you on track

- Meditation/Morning ritual guidance


This is a program to KEEP YOU ON TRACK. We will set group + individualized check-lists of goals for the week and then you'll crush those goals and be required to check in every week, for 8 weeks. I am going to be very specific (and adamant) about what I want each of you to accomplish, and you will be required to give it your best effort. 


I will provide the resources you need in order to hit your individual goals (I'm gonna make the outline easy for you, but the hard work will be a commitment to adhering to it) and we will work together as a group, to hold each other accountable. 

While this is a group online coaching program, I will work individually with each of you as well, in order to get the most from these 8 weeks.




** You will also be added to a private FB Group for this online program, so that we can all encourage and support one another. The materials and coaching you'll receive will be done individually via this website. 

JOIN NOW. We start Friday, October 8th, and your task is already assigned for that day. Scroll to the top of this page and click on 'JOIN' to enter. 

*** You will need to become a member of the website in order to join!!! That will be the first page you'll land on. Once you are a member, you can register for the program. 

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