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An 8-week ACCOUNTABILITY program.

- Weekly goal lists.

- Weekly check-ins.

- Workout plan provided (home or gym)

- Nutritional Guidance

- Resources + Coaching to keep you on track


This is a program to KEEP YOU ON TRACK. We will set group + individualized check-lists of goals for the week and then you'll crush those goals and be required to check in every week, for 8 weeks. I am going to be very specific about what I want each of you to accomplish, and you will be required to give it your best effort. 


I will provide the resources you need in order to hit your individual goals (I'm gonna make the outline easy for you, but the hard work will be a commitment to adhering to it) and I will work with you as a group, to hold you accountable. 

While this is a group online coaching program, I will work individually with each of you as well, in order to get the most from these 8 weeks.



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