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This program is a mix of strength training, skill, endurance and conditioning. 


The first 4 weeks of this program will have the same 5-day workout, with slight variations in compound lifts, sets/reps and weight each week. The movements will all change slightly for the second 4 weeks.


A solid program doesn’t have you doing something different every single workout. So get ready to grind it out, amping up intensity each week.


There are 5 workouts a week. You can take your two rest days whenever you’d like to in the week, but just do the workouts in order.





With this download, you will receive a 67-page ebook, including a gigantic nutrition guidel, which will cover the following:


- Macro Calculating

- Energy Exchange

- Protein Sources + How to get More in your Day

- Digestible Foods

- Alcohol education

- Food Prep recipes and tips

- Nutrition Guidance

- Morning Routine

- On-the-go Snacks

- Vitamins + Supplements

- Superhero Cheat Sheet

- Lifestyle Guide 

and, more. 

Superhero 8-week Training Program + Nutrition Guide

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