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Hi, I'm Jenny


I'm a 46 year-old mother of three amazing teen girls, a personal trainer, group fitness director and instructor, writer, adventurer, apparel company owner, and nutrition coach. My focus, and where my passion lies, is with mindset training, brain power, and health as a WHOLE... and using all of these elements to create an environment within yourself that allows your personal health journey to flourish.


I'm a fitness fanatic, total foodie and wouldn't be complete without outdoor adventures near an ocean or mountain. Mostly, I enjoy and value my time spent helping people achieve their greatest health and happiness, while enjoying moments every day with the ones I love. 

I've been working out for as long as I can remember. Growing up immersed in sports and in a family that never sat still, my love for staying active carried me right through the shiny front doors of a

gym when I turned 13 years old. I remember how excited I was when I first laid eyes on all those machines and weights. It lit me up. I would meet a friend there as many nights as I could, and I've never turned back since.

Throughout the next 33 years, my gym-going and workout routines saw no limits. I lifted weights, took endless fitness classes, entered all kinds of road, trail and OCR races, trained in bodybuilding, powerlifting, Crossfit, Strongman, practiced yoga, boxed, jumped, climbed, ran, lifted some more, hired trainers, and even wrote fitness features and columns for 10 years for a local magazine, visiting tons of gyms around my state to experience what they had to offer. 



If there was one constant throughout all of those

years, even while I was having my three little girls, it was that I didn't stop moving. Training secured a top priority spot in my life, and almost nothing could get in the way or make it stop. I thrived on feeling good and I shared that feeling with anyone who would listen.

Fitness has been my home from the start.

I graduated from Providence College with a degree in Biology because we didn't have fun majors at PC like Exercise Science or Kinesiology. I knew I wanted to share my love for science and helping others, and I thought maybe that was down the path of medical school. It was only after I graduated that I realized medical school wasn't for me. I went on to start my Masters in Forensic Toxicology, only to also realize that that wasn't quite where I wanted to land either. After a handful of lab and medical jobs, I, oddly enough, found myself in sales, writing and graphic design... something completely unrelated. 

I loved what I did for a long while. It was a creative outlet for me, and I still trained hard and took care of my health as though it was a second job. My work schedule afforded me to stay home with my babies, and my mom schedule afforded me time in the gym.

In 2014, I started a fitness blog with my best friend and we began hosting weekly group workouts out of her garage. We then went on to each get a couple certifications in nutrition, and soon thereafter, she branched off to instruct yoga and open her own studio, and I became a personal trainer and group instructor for a local gym. Since doing so, I've worked with all kinds of amazing women, men, and kids.


A couple years ago, I began competing in strength sports competitions and since then, have completed multiple Strongman competitions, qualifying for Nationals more than once. Last year, I added Crossfit to the list of training modalities and have also competed in local crossfit events, as well as the Open.

I am on a journey until the end.

I may be over the hill, but I have mountains to climb

Let me help you climb, too.


- Substack | writer: Find my works HERE.

- Valor Apparel | owner: Find some cool clothes to buy HERE

- The Top Strength Project | group fitness director + instructor, personal trainer: If you're local to RI, find my schedule of classes HERE

- Shop my Amazon favorites HERE


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